New Zealand ‘going back to reality’ after ‘long, Dad Dream of Jacinta Ardern’

New Zealand ‘going back to reality’ after ‘long, bad dream of Jacinta Ardern’

The Australian Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says New Zealand is “going back to reality” after the “long, bad dream of Jacinta Ardern” following the country publicly announcing China was behind a cyber-attack.

New Zealand is the latest country to confirm it has fallen victim to a Chinese state-sponsored cyber-attack.

“It’s a fascinating story … it seems that there was a cyber intrusion a couple of years ago, which the New Zealanders have only just now attributed to China,” Mr Sheridan told Sky News Australia.

“It takes quite a long time to get to a point where you’re confident in your attribution, and you’ve got to check it with your allies and so forth.

“Now, I think they knew about it when Wong Yi [the Chinese Foreign Minister] was in New Zealand but chose not to raise it with him – that’s a sign of weakness.

“The fact that they’re speaking out at all and naming China publicly – that’s a sign of growing strength in New Zealand and a little bit of strategic reorientation.

“They’re going back to reality after the long, bad dream of Jacinta Ardern.”
Credit to : Sky News Australia

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