Attacker Kills Several in Sydney, Australia, as several remain Critically Injured

Attacker kills several in Sydney, Australia

A knife-wielding attacker has killed six people at a shopping center in Sydney. Paramedics have been treating patients at the scene. Several others were hospitalized, including a nine-month-old baby. Shoppers poured out of the building, many in shock. Other survivors hid in stores or were evacuated by staff.

0:00 Background on the stabbing
3:40 Roger Maynard, Journalist
6:36 Discussing the officer who killed the suspect
7:32 Richelle Harrison Plesse, Journalist
10:10 Eyewitness testimony
11:10 Richelle Harrison Plesse, Journalist
12:13 Nick Bonyhady, Journalist
14:01 Kirsty Needham, Reuters journalist

Credit to : DW News

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